5 Qualities That Makes A Business Logo Design Great

January 16, 2023

Creating a logo design for your eCommerce site is an important step to establishing your brand. A
professional logo is key to making your business stand out from the competition. Whether you’re
looking to freshen up an existing logo or design a brand-new one, there are certain qualities to
keep in mind for a successful outcome. With the right attitude and creativity, you can create a
logo that will effectively represent your business in an attractive and memorable way.
Here are five essential qualities a business logo design should have:

1. Visual Attractiveness and Professionalism

If you want to create a logo that will encourage customers to trust your business, it must look
modern, professional, and appealing. Even if your niece is a great artist, you should still ensure
your logo is designed with current design techniques and is visually attractive. Compare old
brands’ logos from the 1900s to their current ones—the originals tend to look quite amateurish
compared to their modern counterparts. Take the time to create a logo that will make customers
trust you.

2. Distinctiveness and Memorability

Creating a memorable logo is an important goal for businesses. To achieve this, the logo should
be simple and unique to the brand. It should be designed in such a way that it is recognizable
and also evokes a feeling that is associated with the brand. For example, Nike’s iconic logo is
minimal and easily recognizable, and its long tail symbolizes the speed associated with the
brand. The logo, combined with the slogan Just Do It, has become renowned worldwide.

3. Timelessness

By designing a logo that speaks to your brand, you can ensure that your logo will be appropriate
for years to come. Aim for something simple, timeless, and instantly recognizable. That doesn’t
mean you shouldn’t experiment with your logo to stay current, but it should be done cautiously.
Keep any changes you make subtle to avoid alienating your customers. If your logo reflects your
brand, it won’t need to be drastically changed. The key is ensuring the logo is recognizable and
speaks to the company’s core values, so it can remain timeless as it grows and evolves.

4. Relevance

Creating a logo for your business should be tailored to your brand. It should capture your
company’s personality, tone, and values and does not necessarily have to represent what you
sell literally. For example, Amazon’s logo is a great example of this. It features the company’s
name with an arrow, which conveys the message that the products are moved from one place to
another. The arrow is also curved to create a smile, which gives the impression of happiness.

5. Simplicity

When designing a logo, the focus should be on crafting something simple yet meaningful. A
clean, concise logo will be much more impactful than one overly complicated. Aim for a logo that
conveys your company’s mission, vision, and personality with as few elements as possible.
Remember that less is often when it comes to logo design, and try to balance simplicity and


A great business logo design should combine five key qualities. It should be simple enough to
create an immediate impression, memorable enough to stick in the mind of customers, timeless
enough to withstand time, distinct enough to stand out from the competition, and relevant to the
company’s business and target audience. With these qualities in mind, an effective logo design
can become a company’s face and help it effectively communicate its message to the world.

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Written By Pratik

Pratik is Founder and Creative Director of PMLogos. He has accumulated 10+ Years of Branding and Design Experience that could be useful for your business identity and growth.

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